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Personal Finances

This booklet on personal  finances was borne out of a tutoring stint I did at a high school.
Although I was mainly tutoring on algebra and geometry, thanks to the understanding and support of my sponsoring teacher,I took it upon myself to present other  topics. One was about personal finances. This was at the height of the financial crisis in 2008 that resulted in part from people buying homes that they couldn't afford.
I thought that if people had some basic understanding of finances, this whole crisis could have been at least in part  avoided. I got some positive feedback from some students and I thought that even if only a few students will avoid financial problems in the future because of having acquired more knowledge it would be a good deed.
After I gave the course , I took my notes and added a few subjects to cover a broader range of topics.
The result is a 42 page document (Personal Finances) that covers  assets, stock market indices, checking and savings accounts, credit and debit cards, personal income taxes, mortgages,mutual funds and investing for retirement.
The State tax information is based on California.
I believe that the information contained in Personal Finances can benefit a broad audience. The goal is to help achieve financial independence.
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Personal Finances is available on line for $5.